Help us make there dreams come true
Help educate more in the community. The charity at the moment has no reserve funds. For it to be self
sufficient and to be able to support itself without having to rely on donations, it needs to have enough funds
in its reserves to be able to run off the interest generated from savings. This will allow us to continue
providing Veterinary care and training of rescuers as well as Bull Terrier training programs for the
community while securing the centres future.
We need fund raisers from all over Australia and internationally to help us achieve this. We also need
support from celebrities to help provide the professional platform we need and most importantly give our
volunteers the right environment to train and develop their skills. We need to raise $1,000.000.00 though
legacies, trusts and sponsorships to achieve this goal and secure the future of a purpose designed centre
for the rescue.
If anyone can help us with this or any other support, please contact us.

Please keep our Rescue Funds topped up ready for our next emergency.

There are no borders when it comes to saving  animals

We can not save them all but together we can save the ones most in need