A selection of adopted parent testimonials
Dear Margaret & Tony

It is August already, how time has  flown since we had the pleasure of you , Tony & all your fur babies at QLDBTR becoming
part of our family  & lives in March of this year.

As a professional involved with the health , wellbeing and protection of children , I was so heart warmed, amazed and
completely inspired by the dedication of you all at QLDBTR who do such fabulous, similar work for those gorgeous needy
bullies, with far far far fewer funds.

I was impressed by the rigorous application process, the many interviews ( my partner who is braver than me fielded those as
you will remember!)  Next you sent a lieutenant to check out our yard even though we live 800km from you to see if it was
secure enough for a bully. I held my breath all day to hear if we passed! We finally flew up to meet you and the fur babies in
April and again in May.

Now it is a few months later and gorgeous Poppy is snoring on our sofa. She has brought such happiness to our world.
Neither of us can imagine not having her here in our family, we love her to bits. I show Poppy's pictures to all my little patients
and talk about the qld bt rescue & the fur babies going to happy forever homes and sometimes how sometimes lots of nice
people look after these fur babies before they get to that forever home. The little people in foster care themselves really like
to hear Poppy's story.

As you & I know rescuing & re homing little people and vulnerable little beings can be very challenging and fraught with issues
and repair work to be addressed. We can't thank you enough for being so endlessly available to chat, being so caring , so
supportive & sharing your wealth and lifetime experience with this breed with us, so that we could make the right choices for
Poppy, so her transition to a new life with us was a success. The after adoption care you give the babies too,  is invaluable,
I've no idea where you find the energy. Most of all though, thank you for trusting us with one of your fur babies who has
completely enriched our world.

The fur baby adoption process with Qldtr was simply marvellous and never having had a rescue baby before, I would
definitely want to offer another fur baby a home one day when Poppy is ready. We mention it to everyone who stops to
admire her too.  We all love catching up with you every week or two and will continue to send you pics of our gorgeous Poppy.
I don't know how you do all this fabulous consuming rescue work for our bullies but we will continue to support and endlessly
admire Qldtr as best we can too.
We all send much love & support
Fond regards

Dr S Deane
Paediatrician NSW