Adoption Program

Bull Terriers in crisis are rescued, given all Veterinary attention evaluated and place into pre-approved
homes. A  2-3 week  trail period is included with each adoption – - you tell us when you’re ready to finalize
the adoption. Our support does not end with our dogs placements, we’re here for you and them during its
lifetime. As we understand life changes can be unexpected and sudden, our dogs are welcomed back with
open arms at any time. We want you to have a great Bull Terrier experience!

Foster Home Program

Foster parents are one of our most important assets as they help us control the expense as well as prepare
our dogs for adoption by observing and reporting their behaviors, and teaching them basic obedience,
crate and house training.

Volunteer Program

Volunteers are another vital asset as we depend on these kind folks to help with transport, breed
verifications and home visits. We would not be able to service such a vast area as Queensland without this
valuable resource!

Surrender Program

While we prefer to work with families to work out how we can help them keep their pet we understand that
in some situations it is impossible to keep their Bull Terrier. We are their to help  with this difficult decision
and appreciate that you have contacted Qld Bull Terrier Rescue for help