Frequently asked question about adopting a Bull Terrier
How old do I need to be to adopt a dog from Qld Bull Terrier Rescue?
The person adopting the dog must be over the age of 18 years .

What size yard do I need for a Bull Terrier?
There is no size limit as a bull terrier is happy to be in a small garden as long as he is taken for walks a least
once a day.

Do I need to have a fence and how high does it need to be?
A fence is required and needs to be 1.8metres high of strong construction with no gaps under where a dog can
get under. On acreage properties a house fence is required that will contain the dog.

Can I adopt a dog if I Rent my home?
Yes you can but .... Please be aware that many rental properties do not allow pets. Adopting a pet in when
renting may jeopardise your lease or make it difficult for you to find future pet friendly accommodation. A letter
from your  Land lord or rental agent will be required before adopting a dog from Qld Bull Terrier Rescue.

Does a Bull Terrier need formal Training?
All dogs benefit from some formal training and you will likely have a better behaved dog in the long run if you
are prepared to access some form of obedience training.

How much does it cost to keep a Bull Terrier?
Food: Bull Terriers are a medium size dog and require quality food  Average  cost per week is($15 -$25 )
Flea..Worming... Heart Worm Treatments Average Monthly ($20-$30)
Veterinary Care: Consultation alone are on average ($55. $65) consultation plus medication and treatments

Are Bull Terriers Good with Children?
Yes Bull Terrier love children but like all heavy weight dog they can knock over small children when doing what
we call a bully run (excited run around the house or garden).

Are Bull Terriers good with other dogs?
Some are quite happy to share the family with other dogs but most rescue dogs prefer to have the family to the
selfs When taking your rescue dog for a walk it is best to choose a park were there are not a lot of dog.

Are Bull Terriers good with cat?
Some are but most do not get on with a cat so it is best not to take the risk and to keep the cat and dog

How do I adopt a rescue  Bull Terrier?
You will need to fill in an adoption application form follow link to application form page. Once you application is
received one of our friendly volinteers will be in touch with you to make a time to visit you.